*This game is currently on hold and not happening. Please check back*

Middle Creek Family Pick up

This is an informal, family friendly pick up game for kids and parents interested in playing ultimate together. Beginners of all ages are welcome! We are happy to help you learn the game if you’ve never played before. We play at 10:00 AM on Sundays and try to play year round, but sometimes due to the weather the game is canceled. We sometimes play on school holidays when kids are out and looking for something to do. Be sure to follow my Facebook page for this game to get announcements including possible cancellations. You can send me your email address to be added to the list as well.

When: Sundays at 10:00 AM

Where: Our first field priority is the large multi-purpose athletic fields in the Middle Creek School Park at 151 Middle Creek Park Ave Apex, NC 27539 This is a great space that has bathrooms, a playground, plenty of parking, and the fields are awesome. There’s also a disc golf course as well. The second option if the our first option is being used has the physical address of 123 Middle Creek Park Avenue Apex, NC  27539 but that simply takes you to the high school. Once inside the complex you’ll need to navigate to our field. Hopefully the map below is helpful. We will primarily play on the field marked “1” below. We do not have this reserved and if for some reason it’s taken look for us on the field marked “2” and then last option is the next field marked 3 below.


Please Like the Facebook page and follow for announcements

What do I need to bring? 
Please bring a dark and a light shirt (it’s much easier to tell the teams apart). Bring water, there are fountains at our first field option, but not the others and the fountains get turned off during the winter.

Do I need to wear cleats? 
Cleats are best, but not required. It’s easier to cut while wearing cleats and harder to cover someone wearing cleats if you aren’t. Please note that playing barefoot isn’t allowed. Getting stepped on by someone wearing cleats if you’re barefoot could result in broken foot and that seems like it wouldn’t be fun.

Can I bring my brother/sister/friend/space alien? 
Everyone is welcome regardless if they’ve ever played before.

Are there any special rules?
Please respect the nature of this family friendly beginners game. Our primary goal is to help the kids learn and have fun playing together. No adult to adult goals as a youth player has to be involved in all goals. Aggressive or overly competitive play isn’t appreciated. There are plenty of pick up games that offer a more competitive game. Check this page http://www.triangleultimate.org/pickup for more pick up game options.

Is there a special disc and if so where can I get one?
The official disc for ultimate is the Ultrastar 175 gram disc made by Discraft. There are online options to buy one and some stores in the area sell them. They usually run $10 or more. I have some discs that I will be happy to sell for $7.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me at brent23 @ gmail.com or 919.744.5888 – Brent Russell




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The Official Rules of Ultimate 11th Edition

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